Tue. Mar 21st, 2023

Concentrix is a global business services provider enabling quality communications between clients and customers. Transcom isa global business offering customer support, sales, technology support, and credit management services.

We are currently looking for part-time, home-based Customer Care Representatives to deliver the highest levels of care tocustomers at a leading automotive innovation company, providing outstanding experiences for buyers, sellers, and owners.

Weare excited to grow our Customer Service Representative team, offering this role as a work-from-home opportunity, where youcan be most comfortable and supported.
The duties of the customer service rep working from home include answering questions, taking orders,processing returns,solving technical issues, and recording details of phone interactions. Work-at-home customer service representatives willsometimes talk with customers on the phone; other times, they will interact with customers via chat. Rather than reaching outproactively to customers, work-from-home customer support reps will answer customers questions and concerns, and providesolutions for products and services in exchange.

Having remote customer support reps manage these types of issues allows companies to outsource to within their homecountries, freeing dedicated employees within a business to deal with more pressing daily operations. HubSpot ServiceRepresentatives are charged with helping customers make the most out of HubSpot products and services. Customer-service jobsthat are done at home require no specific education other than a high school diploma, and companies typically train workersin-house.

Many opportunities–including jobs with Literably (a reading assessment service for students in kindergarten to eighthgrade)–require no previous experience and offer training on the job. Unless you have been working in online customer servicefor years, and you have accumulated lots of built-in experience at one specific company, you are not going to qualify forthose types of jobs in the long run. If you do not have any experience, you are typically going to come on the ground floor,
so to speak–working at call centers, handling customer complaints, etc. The title of the entry-levelpositions is typicallyrepresentative or associate.

A B2B telephone interviewer requires 20 hours a week and requires that you have a personal computer and headset. The courseteaches you everything you need to know about phone etiquette, your duties as an in-home customer support call center worker,
the skills you need to be successful, and common trouble spots associated with this type of job.

In this role, you will beresponsible for teaching customers how to use McKessons software in the most effective way, as well as answering anyquestions they might have regarding products and services.
You will diligently work with customers, providing them solutions, answering general customer support questions which caninclude support issues, billing inquiries, and product improvement opportunities which will continue to increase customersatisfaction to Startek customers. While working on problem resolution, you will also be helping drive sales of products andservices that keep customers happy and engaged. By providing your own unique set of problem-solving skills, you will takeownership of all customer interactions, aiming for a resolution in a single call.

For remote Customer Success Director, you will work with assigned customers to guide voice analytics programs that will helpdrive business improvements. An Enablement Content Specialist works behind the scenes to equip customers service and successemployees with the resources needed to build a delightful customer experience. As an early adopter of the virtual workforce,Working Solutions has over 110,000 registered agents working to help clients increase customer satisfaction, build bettercustomer experiences, and drive efficiencies.

Liveops provides global businesses with cloud contact centers and customer support solutions, connecting over 20,000independently owned contact centers agents to organizations worldwide, and processing over 1 billion minutes of customerservice interactions. We have been helping customers around the globe, in industries from financial services to health care,gain greater agility by transforming and automating the customer experience for more than 35 years. Our services have
included app customer support, content moderation for streaming music services, B2B lead generation for SaaS companies, andback-office support for one of the largest non-profit organizations in the world.
Customer support engineers are capable of offering quality solutions without having to spend their days at the office. Theyspecialise in responding to technical issues customers may encounter with products or services. Everyone working for customersupport is focused on stopping and solving problems for customers, from designing and developing self-service technologies,creating and managing products and programs, to directly engaging with customers.

When things do not work as expected for customers using the product or service, it is very common that they will becomefrustrated during the course of correcting that failure. Not only has something gone wrong with a customers use of a productor service, but it is also caused them to have their day interrupted, forcing them to take time out of their day forsomething that they would rather not think about. One of the biggest drawbacks to working as a customer service rep remotely
is that customers are free to talk to you any way they want, rudely, but if you respond with anger or ill-mannered behavior,you are probably going to lose your job.

Or, you could list your services on freelancing job boards like FreeUp and Upwork to contact potential clients directly.Otherwise, a range of online job boards–such as Upwork and FlexJobs–and staffingagencies–such as Wahve (which specializesin working with people who are about to retire) and Robert Half–can help connect you with clients. Some companies offer anonline chat room for all jobs agents to meet, or a company might use an instant messaging service.

The monthly membership fee allows FlexJobs to thoroughly review and screen all jobs on our site, which guarantees customershave a safe, positive experience when looking for flex jobs or jobs that are done at home. Working from home gives you theultimate work/life flexibility; all while supporting you with the resources needed to provide an insanely awesome clientexperience. You can expect outstanding training, delivered by servant leaders, to help you achieve your career goals, whileproviding essential tools to assist you in providing outstanding customer experiences.